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Well, the new Shuffle Along shuffled off - too soon!
Adrienne Warren was wonderful in the Florence Mills role and will soon bounce back.
Who knows, maybe we'll see her again as Florence Mills!
The show's problem was the slow second half.
Lottie Gee was a great performer but was at the end of her career by the time of Shuffle, leaving the show nowhere to go afterwards.
The real "What Came afterwards" was Florence Mills, Josephine Baker, Adelaide Hall, Valaida Snow and the great Blackbirds shows.
So perhaps we could yet see Adrienne Warren back as Florence  
In the meantime, here's a sample of one piece of what came after (from Blackbirds of 1933
The show was a flop but the song lived on:
A Hundred Years from Today
There are many great versions, including Ethel Waters, but my favorite is this Jack Teagarden 
. (Also at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhQeP_frIHI)

                                    Florence Mills: Month by Month
    1899    Baby Florence's  first stage appearance, at Bijou Theatre DC; Breaks down in tears and is led off
    1911    Plays Grand Theatre, Brooklyn as member of the Mills Sisters
    1917    Plays Chicago, Majestic Theatre as part of the Tennessee Ten 
Plays Pantages Theatre, San Francisco, with the Panama Trio with (Bricktop & Cora Green) 
    1921    Performs in Shuffle Along NAACP benefit at Harlem's Lafayette Theatre
    1922    Florence's Broadway show, Plantation Revue, opens 2nd season
    1923    Guest star in Greenwich Village Follies, first Black female featured in major White revue
    1926    Writes article on injustices of discrimination for UK Sunday Chronicle
    1926    Guest of honor at Footlight Club on return from Europe
    1927    Enters Hospital for Joint Diseases on 25th for unsuccessful  operation

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