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Black History Month

February is the traditional Black History month
For this year I have made my own Black History discovery!
I knew when I wrote the  book that Florence had been an honored guest at a gala event
 to congratulate Charles Lindbergh on his great aviation feat of crossing the channel.
There was proof in her passport entries for France and her copy of the souvenir programme
I had never been able to find direct contemporary proof of her presence at the event.
At last, thankds to full-text newspaper searching, here it is (Comoedia, 28 May 1927)
Translated, the second paragraph says:
"Miss Florence Mills, visiting Paris at the request of M. Edmond Sayag, kindly lent her support free of charge,
 to the very great joy of an enthusiastic public, who gave a warm welcome to the exquisite “Blackbird”.

More can be found under "News" link above.

While on Black History and Florence's Lindbergh connection, let us not forget great black aviators of that era:
Bessie Coleman  ( 1892 – 1926)  The first woman of African-American and Native American descent, to hold a pilot license
Hubert Fauntleroy Julian (!897-1983) 'The Black Eagle', who scattered roses over Florence Mills' funeral procession

                       Florence Mills Month by Month

 1910    Playing Grand Theatre, Fishkill, N.Y. With the Mills Sisters
1918    Name first linked romantically with Kid Thompson
1920    Rejoins Tennessee Ten & Kid Thompson in Chicago
         1921    With Tennessee Ten in Folly Town at Casino Theatre Philadelphia
         1922    Opens in Broadway show Plantation Revue  - First black female Broadway star!
         1923    Plays hometown Harlem at Lafayette Theatre in Plantation Revue
         1924    Florence & Kid receive  Steinway Baby Grand at new Harlem home
         1924    Plantation Revue plays Harlem again at Lafayette
         1925    Full page portrait appears in Vanity Fair – first black person ever!
         1925    In Dixie to Broadway at Lyric Theatre, Philadelphia
         1926    Gives interview denying play Lulu Belle is based on her life
         1927    Shares British charity concert bill with the great Gracie Fields

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